Friday, September 2, 2011

Round up for Tripp Update

Happy Friday all and do we have some INCREDIBLE news for you this morning. In the continued efforts to raise money for Tripp Oldham, a future double lung transplant recipient, Both Inc., a division of Golden Corral, has started a fantastic fundraiser that most would find simple but has in just four days produced AMAZING results.
They are taking donations at their registers for loose change or any amount that you would like to donate. With the fundraiser just starting on Sunday, August 28th, they have already raised. . . .are you ready for this. . . .
If you live on the East coast and happen to be in one of these Golden Corral's that has a container with this picture, please consider donating.  All funds collected go directly to Tripp's expenses.
Updates will be posted each Friday and for every $1000 that is donated, I will add another balloon.   Let's help this guy float away, shall we!  
Thanks again and I'll see you next Friday for another update!


  1. OMG, this is so incredible and that the jars only went out Aug 28th. is MIRACULOUS!!!! I'm doing a VERY happy dance here for Tripp. You got a great thing going. I know Tripp's family is so excited. I love your generous spirit.

  2. That's fantastic!!!! I'm so happy to hear this!