Friday, September 23, 2011

Give, give, give

Happy Friday all and praise God for another amazing week in the Lungs 4 Life-Round up for Tripp fundraiser.  With just three days remaining we have raised:
This amount is simply incredible and is a true testament to the love and generosity of those who have given in the efforts for Tripp's double lung transplant!  I know many have been touched by this young man and his zest for life.  He is truly a remarkable young man!
Thank you again to everyone and keep it up for three more days.  We want to BLOW the final amount  out of the water!

Friday, September 16, 2011


With just ten (10) days left in the Lungs for Life~Round up for Tripp fundraiser, we have another amazing update for you this week.  Last week, you remember we had a total of over $23,000.  This is simply an incredible amount raised in such a short period of time.  This week the stores have added another phenomenal amount.  The running total as of yesterday, Thursday, September 15th is:
The generosity of these people is just overwhelming!  It is simply incredible!
We have just ten (10) days remaining in this particular fundraising effort, so please be sure to tell your friends and family about this amazing young man and encourage them to donate!  You will be blessed for it.  I guarantee it!
So, please be sure and spread the word.  

As I close the update for today, I would like for you to watch this video of Tripp.  It's a moving and wonderful testament to his amazing spirit as well as what he deals with on a daily basis.  You will most certainly be moved by it.  

Thank you again and I'll see you soon for a new and I'm sure another INCREDIBLE update.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Round up for Tripp!

Well, it's Friday and it's time for another INCREDIBLE update in the Round up for Tripp fundraiser sponsored by Both Inc. (Golden Corral).  As I said last week, I will add another balloon for every $1000 donated.  And as of yesterday, September 8th, they have raised. . . . . drum roll please!
I think that this is an OVERWHELMING amount raised in such a short period of time!  The generosity of the customers donations and the dedication of the Golden Corral employees in telling Tripps story has really made a difference in helping to make this such a successful fundraiser.  On behalf of Tripp's family and Golden Corral/Both Inc., we want to say thank you!
Please continue to also remember Tripp and his family as they are in constant need of your prayers!
In closing, I wanted to include a letter received by Tripp's mom that was sent out yesterday expressing thanks for the support as well as an update on Tripp.

Dear Both Inc. owners and employees,

I wanted to take a moment to extend to you my most sincere thanks and appreciation for your efforts in raising money to help my son, Tripp.  I am absolutely amazed by the caring and concern you all have shown toward our family.

When I received the link to the lungs4life blog created by Mrs. Alger I was overwhelmed when I saw the amount of money that all of you raised in such a short period of time. This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to join in the efforts at the Charleston store and work beside the General Manager's Wife, Liz Pace.  To see the employees excitement as they shared the information with guests was encouraging and uplifting in this time when the task seems so unattainable.

As a parent, my biggest fear was that Tripp would need his transplant before we could afford to give him that chance.  With efforts such as yours, I have renewed faith that we will be able to meet the financial needs in time to give Tripp a second chance at life.  The time is coming faster than we were originally told which is why your help at this time is making a tremendous difference in our efforts.

Again, please know that we are very thankful that Both Inc. and all of those who are a part of the company are compassionate, caring and willing to help us.  Every dollar raised is one closer to a successful future for Tripp.  Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.


Alana Richey
Tripp's Mother

Update on Tripp:
Tripp will undergo 4 days of intensive testing to finalize his approval as a transplant recipient here in Charleston at the Medical University of South Carolina beginning the week of the 12th.  The test will be extremely invasive and taxing on his body.  He has already finished 3 tests which he passed.  He is trying desperately to gain weight and has been put on a 5,000 calorie per day diet. He weighs about 98 lbs. now and they need him to have extra weight since he will lose some during transplant.  He is on oxygen at night and when ever he is doing any walking, exercise or just feels as though he needs it.  He attends pulmonary rehabilitation twice a week which is a requirement for at least 12 weeks prior to transplant.  He is in great spirits, learning about his life after transplant and making plans for all the things he will be able to do with his new lungs.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Round up for Tripp Update

Happy Friday all and do we have some INCREDIBLE news for you this morning. In the continued efforts to raise money for Tripp Oldham, a future double lung transplant recipient, Both Inc., a division of Golden Corral, has started a fantastic fundraiser that most would find simple but has in just four days produced AMAZING results.
They are taking donations at their registers for loose change or any amount that you would like to donate. With the fundraiser just starting on Sunday, August 28th, they have already raised. . . .are you ready for this. . . .
If you live on the East coast and happen to be in one of these Golden Corral's that has a container with this picture, please consider donating.  All funds collected go directly to Tripp's expenses.
Updates will be posted each Friday and for every $1000 that is donated, I will add another balloon.   Let's help this guy float away, shall we!  
Thanks again and I'll see you next Friday for another update!